BlackBerry to Hold Annual General Meeting on June 23, 2021

BlackBerry to Hold Annual General Meeting on June 23, 2021

The virtual meeting platform now offers additional features that enable non-registered or beneficial shareholders during their meeting to submit their questions. A non-registered or beneficial shareholder is indirectly owned, not on its own behalf, by a bank, broker or other designated person. There are a significant number of unregistered BlackBerry investors or beneficial shareholders.

Non-registered or beneficial shareholders should log in by clicking the button “I’ve got a login” rather than “Guest.” If the name of a user is requested, the control number of BlackBerry Common Shares may be entered in the voting instruction form or email that they have received from a bank, broker or another nominee.

Non-computerized or beneficial shareholders who wish to vote at a meeting shall appoint themselves proxy owners before 14.00 pm ET, 21 June 2021, as set out in the BlackBerry 2021 Management proxy Circular by sending proxy form and on-line registration to with Computershare Investor Services.

To learn more about whether you’re a registered shareholder, an unaccompanied or beneficial shareholder, or a guest, see [investors], including a username for additional information.

The will be provided with a replay of the meeting.

BlackBerry About

A smart security software and service for businesses and governments around the world is offered by BlackBerry (NYSE: BB; TSX: BB). The company today secures over 500M endpoints, including 175M cars. Based in Waterloo, Ontario, AI and machine learning is a leader in endpoint security management, encryption and embedded systems in the field of innovative cybersecurity, security and data privacy solutions. The vision of BlackBerry is clear – you can trust in a connected future.

Smart Security. Everywhere. BlackBerry.

See and follow @BlackBerry for more information.

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